Friday, September 12, 2008

Ride the Lightning

Just a quick and dirty post about TeeFury, which is a deal-a-day, 24-hour-only shirt site. For $11 shipped, you get a shirt that will be printed for exactly one day... it's a great deal for the consumers who are getting high quality work for cheap, and a great deal for the designers, who keep their rights to their design and can resell their work later. I want to write more about them, but that will be for another time. For now, let it suffice to say that today's 24 hours rock. The design is MJ's "Thor Is My Co-Pilot." It's very self explanatory as a text shirt, so I don't need to say much, but I have a couple notes to make. I normally hate text shirts, but love this one, for the following very scientific reasons:

1) It's funny without being derivative. It's a clear parody on a trite saying, not an out of context movie quote, and not a shock-jock attempt at faux-edge.

2) Colors Colors Colors. There's severe pop, and the choices make total sense given the topic too.

3) This is a biggie for text shirts: Hand Lettering. Distinctive style is so rare in slogans, and that really sets this apart from scads of half-assed slogany badness. It's almost like a metal logo. THOR WILL ROCK YOU TO ASGARD MOFOS! EPIC SCREAM!


More tomorrow! Promise! I've got a lot I want to get to.

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