Monday, November 16, 2009

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Excitement comes from the other side of the pond this week, from German site A Better Tomorrow. ABT has some great tees, and were I able to read German, or afford Euros, you would be seeing lots of their stuff up here. As it is, I tend to only mosey over there when I see a tee that is worth the extra effort.

Today, they bring us a tee that is certainly that tee: a contest watch favorite from a while back, Againstbound's "Kleptonaut." I don't know if there can be a negative to this shirt: the palette drew me in before I realized my biases toward it. The concept is both spacy and humorous... what I like most about the joke is that each jar of space has its own punchline, from videogame ephemera to oddities you would not expect to see in space (from goldfish to that lost sock of yours). This guy has even captured infinity. It's like the Pokemon of the universe. Except good. Still, his collection is subtle enough and individual enough that each joke is easily integrated into a whole which is far more about skillful and charming cartooning and the imaginative aspects of the vastness of space than reliant on punchlines. That's a big part of what makes this so successful as a shirt, and a big part of why it's going on ye olde holiday list for me this year. Consider treating yourself and hit up Babelfish. It'll be worth it.

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Cody Wayne said...

It's a pretty painful language. Definitely not fun to learn.