Thursday, August 23, 2012

If I could give the modern day tee designer one bit of advice, it would be ignored and they would just sell Game of Thrones merch, possibly while whining that their real work is ignored because people only want their Game of Thrones merch, yet not understanding that they are simply feeding the machine that is starving them. But if I could give the olden days respectable tee designer who is dying to see their work printed by an ethical site a piece of advice, I would tell them to go to Captain KYSO.

KYSO (an acronym for "Keep Your Shirt On") is based out of India, which, if you guys remember Scopial, is a pretty positive start actually. So far, they seem to parallel woot, if woot had printed great tees from its entrants instead of simply printing turds and ignoring great artists even on double-takes and editor's choice weeks (the number of times the top-ranked artist by Honorable Mention frequency didn't take home a single print is embarrassing). Is there an artist you've simply been dying to see print at woot? They're probably at KYSO, and their work is probably some of their more original, distinctive, or simply respectable pieces. Hit the catalog, and if you can get over the shame of seeing a Patrickspens tee in the recent print area, you'll find one of the more diverse and exciting shops on the web. All screenprinted, all on house-made blanks (so check for your size), all shipped to you free.

Shown above: "bears".
Friend of the Blog BootsBoots is today's featured artist, with a slicked back version of former contest watch selection "Redundancy National Park." We're not going to make redundancy jokes this time around, because hell, just having to still talk about this design just getting printed now is redundant in and of itself. We're of course a bit saddened by the change from cranberry to blue (cranberry is a gorgeous and underutilized color, and we'll stand behind that forever) but it feels good to see it in any form. And we're fairly confident we'll be seeing even better things from KYSO in the future as it grows, and more and more artists try their hand and their older pieces at this fresh-faced upstart.

Tees are $15 on the first day, and $19 for as long as they last after that. No need to wait around... snag it cheaper and learn a bit about the new kids on the block.

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