Wednesday, May 26, 2010

M.C. 86

Time for another limited edition Tilteed tee, and this one, I feel, is right on time for summer. It's brought to us via talented, trippy artist C86, and it's entitled Escherland. The shapes and steps and arches certainly evoke classic Escher like his Relativity, but what makes the two pieces great are totally different. While the old MC is known for illusion and brilliant sketchwork, C86 is all about pattern and color, and that's really whats at play here. Some truly bold color combos come together like some delicious citrus drink of a tee, which sounds silly but actually makes sense if you look at it. There's a lot going on here, and a lot worth looking at, and with so much brightness on a light blank, now's the time to be doing that looking... this is guaranteed to be an awesome summer tee.

As is the case with all Tilteed Limited tees, this'un will only be available for 72 hours total. Go support an amazing artist with a distinct style: in a year, when this is no longer available, your friends will all wish they'd gotten this instead of their ten Lost tees. Be ahead of the curve.

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