Saturday, November 29, 2008

Deep Burgundy Hues

Just a reminder folks: Design By Humans' holiday sale ends tomorrow. If you miss it, not only will you be paying $4-5 more per shirt on any gifts you might want to pick up, but the shipping will likely be higher, too... this is probably the last weekend you'll want to trust their brilliantly economic but hella slow Smart Post option before the holiday.

As we are in the second sale week, DBH did release another slew of reprints, one of which being a recent bestseller, casajordi's The Red Dream. I told you there'd be more about him. This one is an exercise in contrasts... I love the moody contrast of the red backdrop, the shadowy buildings and hidden birds, and how the shirt color sneaks through the image. I also love how the white also pops against the dark of the reds and blacks. It's not a bright palette, but the color choices make it a bold one anyway. The dragonflies are a nice touch as well, giving the eye somewhere to focus on. Much as in his contest entry, I'm not entirely sold on the word balloon, but the overall effect is something I find quite wearable. If you agree, now's the time to snag it for under $20, before it goes and sells out again.

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