Friday, November 21, 2008

Discounts Before Holidays

Design By Humans is running itself a lovely little holiday sale from now til the end of November. Shirts start at $15, or, put another way, you're saving four or five bucks a shirt. Approximately 20% off everything? Yeah, it's a solid sale for shirts this good. Hit. This. Up.

Specifically, if you don't want to browse the catalog, hit up tinhiati's "Fly!!" which DBH reprinted for the event. The white shirt is a perfect frame for the two bold colors. I love red and black together anyway, so this was custom made for me to begin with, but the elements strike deep as well... the paper lanterns sit perfectly above the hanging cages, and the strings from which they hang help pull the shirt together without being graphically in the way. That there are biplanes in the bird cages adds both subtle humor as well as a slight commentary on the freedom of flight... perhaps we shouldn't ensnare that which naturally embodies freedom: airplanes as well as birds. Or perhaps it's nothing more than that subtle joke. Regardless, it's still a hell of an attractive shirt, and if you're unsure what you want from DBH's extensive catalog, or have an aviation fan on your shopping list this holiday, you could do much worse than snagging a sweet print like this one on sale.

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