Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Major Thanks

It's always a good Thanksgiving when there's a WanderingBert on teefury. "Stampede" is an utter charmer. While I'm rather digging how the colors contrast strongly while still looking good, it could have had any color palette, so long as the designer put his trademark charm into his character. In this case, it's a besneakered centipede, cheerily clomping along, whistling on his winding weekend walk. And completely oblivious to the tiny man he is inevitably going to trample. Poor little guy.

But the holiday takes on a new meaning when we check shirt.woot, to see a longtime blog favorite, Radiomode's "Music Industry," finally got the print it deserved. We spoke of this little guy long ago in our first Contest Watch (where you can see a fuller discussion), and again prior to woot's Editor's Choices for their Double-Take derby. Now we see it printed in a so-far unprecedented move... we have, until now, never seen a derby entry print outside the top 4 without being part of an entire week of Editor's Choice selections. Will this signal more unexpected pleasures from woot in the future, or just give the masses another reason to demand their favorite gets printed? We'll find out in time, and keep you posted. For now, I'm just stoked to see it at all. After the lackluster Editor's Choice week, and with every derby producing more and more worthy entries that will never see cotton, even this one anomaly is something worth giving thanks for.

As is always the case with Teefury, you're gonna want to snag that ASAP... you've got a bit over 20 hours from this posting before it's gone forever. Don't waffle on the Woot, either, though... if you don't grab it tonight for $10, you're only guaranteed to see it 'til the Monday after this coming Monday for $15. Ironically, it'll probably set you back less than your average CD.

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Jaden Kale said...

Great write up as always. Nice to see at least 1 of your four EC picks come to fruition. Radiomode's design was well worth the shirt it's printed upon. Couple that with Wandering Bert, and we've got a recipe for an empty wallet before Black Friday even hits.