Monday, April 26, 2010

Friend Request

Today, Tilteed gets a bit sensitive with Jewelwing's "Absent Friends." It's a concept that I quite love, with the peaceful, otherworldly scene of all our absent friends, out there in a spiritual reunion. There's the living friend, in purple, set apart from the others, yet still with them behind him, being embraced by the world, yet also almost trying to embrace him back. It's really poignant and encouraging, and while I am hardly a poignant or encouraging person, it is something that definitely deserves to print. It's a lovely take on a hard concept.

If you're in love with the design, the concept, or just happy to see a design based off a literary quote (which cmon, we all know I am up for that), snag it now, and be sure to tell the world... I know a lot of people have waited for this tee to exist for a while now. Best not to let them miss out. Especially since it's only available for the next 72 hours.

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