Friday, April 16, 2010

Regan Smith Clarke birthday sale

Sometimes, my dear friends, I need to have my hand forced to get you the goods. I'm a busy man these days, and there are times when a blog (like the contest watch I swear I will attempt this evening!) is either one more burden, or a distraction from a night that is just too pleasant to work through. So I was quite excited when Adder-Brand-of-the-Moment Regan Smith Clarke approached me for a retweet of their birthday weekend sale. Why not do one better? These guys are a brand that I've been pretty excited for since stumbling over them, what, a month or two ago? I've been meaning to give them a write-up ever since snagging a two-pack of their tees, and just being unable to make the time. No longer! RSC deserves your recognition.

For starters, the brand is local -Boston represent? - but more than that, they have some of the sheer classiest branded tees available. I'm rocking Use Your Mind right now, a sentiment I certainly agree with, and a clashy yellow-and-blue palette that nevertheless makes the entire proceedings rich with color on a tee (it's perfect for summer, I'd think). Frequent readers might ask why in the name of Hades would I be wearing branded tees at all? It's true, I normally shun the brand tee. However, the style on Regan Smith Clarke's branded offerings makes them a shop that not only am I happy to advertise, but that realizes that shirts are made to be worn. You just don't see brand tees half this wearable very often, nor images that truly work the branding into them to make it a wearable experience. Nothing ruins an amazing graphic more than a brand slapped over the illo.

Even with the praiseworthy nature of their line, though, I'd rather show off Russian Doll (above), their sole non-branded tee. It doesn't tread the newest territory, but the style is stunning and the colors are perfect. It's all about classic graphic style, as the design helps prove, so even without the brand name over it, it's still very cohesive with their overall site mission. Classic styles and gorgeous, simple colors... that's pretty much a recipe for success if you're doing it right, and these guys are. No better time to check it out than the present, too... this weekend, everything's at least 10% off, with free shipping, and awesomeness coming standard. We love the big guns around here, obviously. Our most reliable column is all about what's been up for voting at the sites big enough to allow voted submissions. But while it often gets lost in the shuffle, the newer, smaller, indie-er brands deserve your love too. And there just aren't many that deserve your eye as much as Regan Smith Clarke.

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