Saturday, April 17, 2010

Leading the Blind

I've got another curation up at Tilteed this weekend: Blind Omniscience, by Dan Rule. Dan's got an amazing cartoon style that is totally worth checking out, but ten to one y'all have checked him out before... he's had plentiful prints at woot, Threadless, and the earlier days of Teefury. I love the colors here, which remain simple and perfect for the illo. The character is fun and charming, yet leaves just enough room for commentary: the design could be the play on the all-seeing eye that it seems to be, or it could take on more power with those who might be a bit more disenchanted with the state of our economy. Personally, I'm just stoked to get to own a copy. It makes a great graphic, great colors, and a brighter, fresher design than many we've been putting out... just in time for springtime.

We've been sitting on this one for way too long, and we're stoked to finally get it out there. Hopefully, you'll love it as much as we do. Just remember, it's only available for 72 hours, so be sure to grab one by Tuesday, Noon Pacific, if you're interested.