Monday, July 12, 2010

Feline By Humans

At this point some things have ceased to shock me.

Infuriate? Sure, sometimes. I'm a firm believer that people who can't get angry about something don't actually care about it all that much. There's no passion, no concern. Only a dead resignation. But that's not a matter of shock. Shock is about outright surprise.

Among the things that fail to faze me lately? Design by Humans sales. Last year Uneetee was frequently jabbed at for going in a pseudo-DBH direction with it's print selections. This year, one could argue DBH is paying its own respects by taking Uneetee's habit of infrequently selecting new prizewinners. Don't get me wrong, I love a good sale, and DBH still has some of the best blanks in the biz, but more new prints means more new tees for the fans/customers to buy. You can't put the same set of tees on sale a hundred times and expect hugely different results. The true excitement, for me, is seeing new, quality prints.

Thankfully, though, this is a sale and a half. If you're willing to rummage the eBargain Bin of remaindered sizes, you can find some classics and quality tees for only $7, with others available for $10. At DBH price and quality, this is a hell of a deal, and that makes this sale one worth checking out, even after the glut of recent ones at the site.

Also helpful, in my eyes, is that we've recently gotten some pretty stellar prints out of the ol' DBH gods. One of my favorites comes from yonil: the long-title-is-long "Apparently cats only have one life just like the rest of us." It was inspired by the artist's loss of his fuzzy friend, but the imagery is gloriously weird and acceptable for even non-cat-lovers. The illustration leaves much up to the viewer: the cat is huge and imposing, possibly floating up through the rainclouds, possibly about to hover over and destroy Tokyo. The colors are bright and make the scene seem more alien. And the print, well, it's the size of the cat. Some of y'all with cats will probably have a larger one on your chest than your lap if you pick this up. But it's not just a cat, and that's why it works... the swirls (reminiscent of yarn?) and clouds bring this out of the safe, house-pet confines of a gaudy gramma sweatshirt, and the simple spare style emphasizes that ethereal image of the afterlife, which automatically lends further cred to the concept, making it wearable and lovable even as a full-chest print.

As with most DBH sales, the newer the shirt, or the better the seller, the more chance it'll be discounted less, but with a couple cheaper shirts, you can't go wrong with a piece like this as well. For the still more frugal, try code NS2B8E for 10% off any purchase during the sale and through July 26.

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