Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stop Worrying/Love the Tee

We don't believe that tees need to be political, but we certainly support when someone can put forth a smart and meaningful opinion in their art. That's half of what art is (and it's why you'll find decidedly fewer real artists in certain political spheres than others). I've never understood the idea that politics should be absent from art, music, film, or any other expression of our inner selves, but then, those opinions, again, generally come from those with much to fear from such opinions. But educated opinion is the crux of artistry.

That said, we're not really sure how "The Economics Tee or: How I learned to stop worrying and let the government kick my ass" represents what its title purports to represent, but we can get behind a lot of things. It's no big secret that government has helped screw up the economy for decades, so the overall message implied is easy to support. It's a Paper Root tee, also, which means it's a super high quality product on a blank so soft I want to graft it into my skin. Can't possibly not be for that. But what so many message tees fail at is creating something attractive to go with their message. As I've said, I'm not sure how the art here -does- relate to the presumed concept, but for a tee, it's way better to have obscured concept than unwearable graphics. This thing is definitely wearable. I love the look of the illusion... it draws the eye for that "impossible object" feel, but I really love the (wait for it) rigidity of the whole thing. I know, that's normally a turn-off, but the hard lines and textures make this feel concrete, and it gives off an interesting overall visual. I also like the subtle white and red accents, which add some nice visual pops to the otherwise rocky main image. It gives it an overall more mystical or alchemical vibe to me. I certainly wouldn't put money on that sort of description being the best there is, but that's what I get, for sure. It just feels like something that could, well, find its way into the masonic and otherwise imagery we think of in terms of our currency. So maybe that's where it all fits together. But overall, it's an awesome reminder of what simple, abstract work can do to a tee blank. Namely, make it awesome.

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