Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Walk the Wire

Some days, you just luck out. That was most definitely the case when Mr. Chris Dixon excitedly OK'd Tilteed to do the honors on a popular design of his. Hugely popular, super skilled, right off a popularity high... it's the sort of tee you're excited to bring in because it seems to hit all the best notes, showing some super execution and creativity while also being a potential bestseller. I'm AdderXYU, and this is The Real Shirt Curators of Tilteed County.

What you're interested in, though, is why YOU should care about the tee, not the story of being able to bring Pinkerton to you as the current Tilteed Limited curation. I mean, you're smart people, but you read for the tees! I don't blame you! So let's start at the beginning. What's going on here? No clue. But the mood is undeniable. There is a fear, a palpable tension, permeating this little scene. The tightrope is an obvious metaphor, and the creepy creatures coming out from the borders are obviously meant to be ominous. There's some pure dystopia going on, and I personally love it, even if the full meaning is obscured. Still more subtle, however, is the robot itself. Sure, it looks like it's about to blow, but the elongated limbs make it seem no less otherworldly and unsettling, so you both feel for its predicament as well as being distanced just enough to make the story unfolding here more compelling. If the story works so well for being vague, the art itself is a home run for blatant reasons. The artist is well known for some incredibly fine halftone and blending work... the melange of pinks to purples to blues creates a powerful contrast of bright ink to dark blank (and concept), but it also adds to the hazy cavern feel. Everything somehow feels more dark because it's illuminated in such bold hues. The use of negative space is also stunning: the scene is framed in these haunting images, and it all feels organic due to it. Really, the only drawback to this tee is that it is not remotely a summer color (especially in this heatwave), but that just means you'll be all the more excited to wear your copy when autumn comes.

As with every Tilteed Limited, Pinkerton's balancing act will only last for 72 hours total (we're just about at hour 61 as of this posting). $12 for this much art is almost like stealing, but if your thieving tendencies are even more heightened, be sure to check out the Tilteed Blog, where you'll find all manner of contests this month. It's Tilteed's birthday, and they'll give out free shirts if they want to! And they do, pretty much all month. Check regularly to see what the new contest is all about! Just don't miss out on greatness trying to score a freebie. There will be all manner of sweet tees all month long as well.

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Jestik said...

Excellent write up of an excellent shirt! I can't wait to have this one show up at my door.