Monday, October 6, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Wear Shirts

Threadless has decided to have a Girly Tee sale this week, and I could not be happier. True, my figure is a bit stocky for the smaller shirts. Sure, the sleeves seem way too small. But the true brilliance is this: girly tees are the tees that sell out slowest. It's a sale I cannot take advantage of, but one that may well benefit me anyway... the lower the ladies stock dwindles, the more chance of me garnering a reprint on a shirt that long since sold out in mens.

With this in mind, the temptation is to recklessly link to shirts I rather would like a reprint on, but I'd rather go a different route and praise something I would totally rock the everloving Casbah out of if my Y chromosome had held back a letter: Foxy, by Lixin Wang, a recent reprint. I have a soft spot for orange... it's bold and bright and sunny like I'm not, so that alone would be a total win, but I also love the fox, and how its body is fully unrepresented against the orange shirt, yet the proportions and flashes of black and white make that body shape fully visible without needing extra lines. It's a simple but thoughtful shirt, but sadly one I feel I'm a bit too masculine for.

Foxes not your thing? Want to stock up on some other shirts while you're at it? There are always good shirts to be found while browsing at Threadless, but a couple more recs that might be more lady-friendly would be Sweet Creep, It's Just a Summer Job, Fake Pandas Have More Fun, and PiƱata, none of which I can guarantee in your size.

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