Thursday, October 23, 2008

Short Just Like Your Temper

A quickie tonight about Teefury, which is featuring a shirt by the name of Octocable. It's designed by piratesvscowboys, who named himself after what he's hoping is the next epic meme battle. It's a solid shirt, definitely a good buy for any audiophiles. The X is a little odd, but all the elements fall together nicely, and I like how the colors work against each other. It reminds me Jelly Tape, a favorite by KookyLove currently in post-score limbo at Threadless, but the shirts are distinct enough that I'd easily consider both, and to be honest, this is gonna tug at me all day. If it's tugging at you, and with all those arms who'd be shocked, you better scoop one up quick... I have no clue if Teefury shirts still sell out or not, but they certainly only last 24 hours, so by 12AM EST tomorrow it will be gone forever, at least at the Teefury price.

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