Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Probable Consequences

As any critic must, I have begun wondering what happens once the critique filters out. We're a somewhat egotistical breed after all, presuming our tastes are worth reading... one wonders what Gene Siskel or Roger Ebert thought the first time their praise adorned a film poster, or their panning led to a financial flop. I'm personally biting my nails for the Holiday Season, the earliest I expect to see my recommendations pan out. A new blogger cannot expect to wield mass influence, but the chance to see how my tastes match up with the big boys is still exciting... it's a bit like a child at Christmas, excited to see what they got on their list.

I was already excited when Design by Humans printed one of my first reviewed designs, but the circumstances were such that I didn't get that glow of predicting it correctly. Yesterday's DBH, however, did excite me... it was one I voted for long before I began blogging: Wotto's "The Seasons of My Life." It's exactly the sort of piece I look for in my searches, and would almost assuredly have gotten a write-up. This one is largely about the colors, which are bold and season-appropriate. Spring is abloom with life, summer a tribute to the beach and lazy days, with autumn and winter reveling in their respective beautiful decays. No season seems under-represented, which means fans of any season will have plenty to appreciate. I'm drawn to the back half of the year, with their colors popping bold against the black shirt, but a fan of spring or summer would surely have their eyes drawn to the details there first without feeling the other seasons got more effort. It's really the ultimate seasonal shirt, and while it is a stylistic departure from much of the designer's other work, it's one that will garner fans from all over... it's a totally inclusive design that just about anyone could enjoy.

As if to blow my mind, Threadless countered with a print of their own... one I'd forgotten all about until seeing it again, but know I'd have blogged had I been blogging: The Northern Black-capped Gumchewer, by Laser Bread. Threadless is kind enough to let you know what you scored their prints way back when, and this one registered a much-deserved 5. My enjoyment of this one is pretty basic. I love the style of the illustration. The sketch is clean and crisp and looks like it belongs in a nature journal. I almost wish there was a "Fig. 2" underneath the illustration, with the title following. It's that brilliant title that creates the second layer... the layer of bizarre. The "Gumchewer" title still sounds like it could be an honest-to-goodness species... a woodpecker of gum-trees, perhaps... but we get a more literal take. The gum looks perfect, though... just the right shade of pink, a great translucency to the bubble, and a realistic, humorous pop... really, what else can you expect with a pointy beak? It also adds a needed splash of color to the proceedings. A definite addition to my ever-growing shopping cart.

As exciting as this all was, though, it brings up another thought, too... there may come a time when I will have seen an entire week's worth of prints in scoring. It's a little frightening, in all honesty. Nevertheless, I cannot wait until the day when I can announce a success... I'm not overly easy to please, so for a design to warrant a write-up, I feel the designer quite deserves the recognition of a print. Rest assured I'll let you all know ASAP.

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