Friday, October 31, 2008

The Great Update: Entry 1

To say this has been a solid week at Design By Humans would be understatement... all five designs have been quite wearable and worthy prints. What is less safe to say, however, but will be said anyway, is that they have apparently been reading my blog, as I just recently commented on the excitement of someday seeing one of my contest watch choices finally print. Just days later, we see Ellsswhere's "Ekadanta" print. Whether DBH is consciously toying with me or not, consider this the first in what I hope to be a lengthy series of print updates. It makes me wonder if DBH plans to print more of their 10K bottom-five, as they did with the original top-five. I don't really have a lot to say that I didn't when I first reviewed it, except that it looks gorgeous in real life, and as late I have heard nothing but good things about DBH's discharge printing, so I'm stoked to have this in my cart.

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Rizzo said...

That's a great lookin print there.