Friday, October 17, 2008

Unex-Spook-Ted DBH Sale

Color us surprised! Along with announcing a fifth Halloweek print tonight (our apologies to blog-favorite H-Week designs by Spires and Jublin), Design By Humans is letting us scare up some savings just in time for the big holiday. Everything's priced $15-20, which makes it a great time to grab one or two. Be on the lookout for more DBH in our Halloween picks later today, but for those who can't wait, perhaps you need less of a costume substitute, and more of an homage to costuming? Jimiyo's "Create" is perfect for you! It's an absolutely stunning celebration of nature, growth, and art... the art of creating with your own hands and coming up with something perfect. Or ghoulish, this time of year. You know you're a whiz at that sewing machine... rock your costume this month, but pick one of these up so you can flaunt those madd skillz all year. Or just buy it because you love amazing linework, crisp graphics, and gold foil. But act fast, because the sale is a brief one... it will end Sunday at midnight.

::::UPDATED:::: Turns out, this whole sale is to celebrate a partnership with TeeFury, which is all fine and good as far as I'm concerned. More to come, I'm sure.

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