Monday, April 20, 2009

DBH Spring Cleaning Sale

Design By Humans has been in need of a good sale... It's spring, and the weather is getting gorgeous. It's the perfect time to snag some new tees for the new season. So it is a bit unsurprising to us that DBH announced their Spring Closeout sale today, but no less exciting. Prices are $12 to $15 on all their older shirts, but until April 25th, you can save even more by using discount code RSPAUF (10% more to be exact). The majority are at the lower price point, a fact worthy of rejoicing over, and with DBH's prices and quality, that means grabbing at least one is a wise idea.

The one downside? Their "Perfect" tee stock is still full-price... bad news if you're mostly caught up with their back-catalog. Still, with your money going further elsewhere, sometimes it's worth a splurge. We're personally eying Imagination, one of last week's prints. It's nothing special in words: a ball of ornate linework coming out of a little dude. Still, that ornate linework is pretty awesome, flowing in and out and around the orb, and the dude, in his rough, small and simple style, provides a great and unobtrusive contrast. I really love how saam (the designer) makes this shine... when I first saw it, it looked like there were specialty inks all over it, but it's really nothing more than two colors and standard inks. It's impressive how golden it looks, and enticing how well that shade pops off the dark brown blank.

Of course, if even the sale tees don't fit in your budget at the moment, don't forget about their Serendipitees... at $10 a pop, it might just be worth the gamble of having DBH select for you.


jimiyo said...

how funny is the guy in the photo. he was a spanish lover. even played spanish songs on the guitar. from argentina. talked about vaginas being beautiful like an orchid. srsly. no lie.

Adder said...

Lol, Jimi... I believe you... you can see that in his eyes!