Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not Fade Away

Sister sites Design By Humans and TeeFury are doing awesome things today. To start, TF is offering up "Fat Pony," by the amazingly and beautifully odd Monsieur Pimpant. We can't recommend stopping by and grabbing it enough, as it's an absolute classic from one of the tee world's most underappreciated minds (and one of my personal fav artists). You've got under 9 hours before it's left to the winds of fate once more, so make haste!

But the elder of the two, DBH, is bringing us awesomeness of a more permanent variety with Laserbread's Caspian Tiger (1947). The irony, of course, is that the design is born of a sad truth that nothing is truly permanent. It features a sketch of a Caspian tiger, one of three extinct modern species. For all the beauty of the top half's rendering, the bottom half has been erased... a clean line but an intentionally sloppy erasure, leaving just the faint image and a lot of destruction behind. It's a blindsidingly powerful image... it simply impressed me how beautifully and boldly it told the story of life and death when I first talked it up in voting. But above that, it's perfectly DBH. Skilled art, execution that pushes boundaries... both hallmarks of the brand.

As a side note, I recently stumbled across this designer's "Make Something Cool Everyday" flickr pool though a Threadless blog. Some seriously amazing stuff. Check it, but preferably after sticking his tiger in your cart.

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