Friday, April 24, 2009

Taco Muy Grande: Available Until May 1st!

What a difference a hat makes.

This little guy is the Taco Dinosaur. You can tell by the fact that he is wearing a sombrero and demanding a taco. He's either too cute or too menacing to deny.

He comes from Seibei, the finest dino and monster purveyor on the internet, and he's one of my latest tee obsessions. It could be the white-on-red which entices me (and a super-soft discharge print, no less). It's possible that it's simply that everything is more awesome with a sombrero. Or maybe I feel a kinship with the little guy... I want someone to make me a taco, too! Whatever the case, the simple character has stolen my heart. And is probably frying it up to stuff it in a shell with some lettuce, tomato, and sour cream. I know the feeling, man. I know the feeling too well.

Just like tacos, this little guy won't be around very long: being that he's a parody of Seibei's own Sandwich Dino, the site has decided to make him limited edition. That means he's only going to be available for you to purchase until May 1. To make the decision easier for you all, how about 10% off? Use code SINGULARITEE any time to help get Awesomesaurus Rex into your spicy hands by Cinco de Mayo. Prefer sandwiches? Pick up the original instead, or just browse the store for all your cute-yet-horrific needs.


theinfinityloop said...

Oooooh that shirt is very tempting.

bo said...

so cool! i love dinosaurs and i love tacos!