Monday, April 6, 2009


Oh, Uneetee, how long your decisions do take! Just when you presume a shirt is doomed to print obscurity, they come back and wow you. Take Artulo's "Not Your Average Seahorse," the piece they decided to come back from a week's vacation with. We wrote about this one back before Halloween, and we're just now seeing it before Easter. No complaints really... it DOES give me hope for some other Uneetee favs to finally print... but it just seems like quite the wait. Anyway, I said at the time this'd be a surefire buy, and I do believe it still is (even if it may be a while... I said the same thing about the artist's "Line Rhino" at DBH, and that sure hasn't come to my door yet). It's all about the unique style of the pieces, for me... the animal built from simple thin lines, in this case almost taking on a jeweled look with the ornate details of the art... a faberge seahorse, if you will. If you're lovin' it, I quite recommend snagging it this week while it's at $12, especially with Uneetee's catalog prices being a bit steep lately, but I also recommend scanning their daily Insanitee deals... you might be able to snag a $10 shirt too and save on shipping.

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