Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beep/Boop 1

I'm not a big fan of pop-culture without anything further added. It's like McDonalds... fast, cheap, and easy, yet incredibly profitable. That said, today I'm going to have to eat my words. Twice.

Well, not totally. I mean, Travis Gentry's "Dangerous Creature" is simply brilliant stylistically. It takes on the work of Durer spot-on, especially his fantastical woodcut of a rhinoceros. The choice is smart, because to those of Durer's time, the rhino would be no less fake than a koopa paratrooper, but the immediately recognizable style is enough... it takes our modern, marketed art, and turns it into something classic. The tee, however, will sadly not be around as long as Durer's woodcuts... RIPT'll only be selling this classy bit of 80s kitsch until midnight central tomorrow. Grab it before it's game is over.

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