Friday, January 15, 2010

Fly Me To The Moon

At one point, we were quite insistent on keeping on top of the Flying Mouse 365 project. As a refresher, if you don't recall, ol' FM spent 2009 creating a new design every day, releasing many to Threadless, getting a number printed in various locations, and then, to ice the cake, he opened his own shop to sell the rest. Seven at a time, for one week only. The diversity, range, and talent behind these pieces made it a no-brainer to focus in weekly. Of course, y'all know I got a bit flaky there for a while with the updates. Hopefully you guys have remained on top of that without me: there's likely a shirt for everyone in the catalog, so long as you hit it up while it's on sale.

This week heralds my own personal first purchase. There have been a few I've waffled on, but as soon as I saw Lunar Escape, I hit the buy button. Not only is it a Contest Watch feature from a while back, but it's probably my favorite of the numerous high-quality designs the project has given birth to. I loved the progression here, the lunar waxing from new to full and beyond. It's dreamlike, and the flow of the moon as it begins its escape path attracts the eye even with the grid-like layout. Not convinced it's t-shirt weather? It's on a hoodie too! Still, keep an eye on the clock: it's only available til next Thursday, so if you've been pining for this one as long as I have, you should get on it. Hell, go in with some friends: FM has discounts available if you order 3 or more tees in one order, so if you're eying a couple pieces (I personally almost bit on Solo as well), or know some peeps who might be interested, you really can't go wrong.

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