Friday, January 22, 2010

Dem Ol' Kozmic Bots


Robbie Lee and the Robots are coming to the Scopial arena this week for a special unplugged tour. It's their first Indian show, and they'll be sure to bust out plenty of The Post Apocalyptic Blues. "We've been trying to get this special showing booked for a while now," says bandleader XR-2094, but despite changing their lineup a number of times and seeking out diverse venues, the search was a bust until now.

We here at SingulariTee don't know what the issue was, to be honest. The vintage style of the outfit is attractive enough to garner plenty of support from all sides. "These blues are for humans, robots, and anything in between" cites Robbie (born RB-129 in an undisclosed basement lab), and really, the juxtaposition between the electronic soul and acoustic sound is something that is not only unlike anything you've ever heard, but is appreciable by all comers. We've been chatting up the band's work for a while here, and we're excited to see it finally find a home.

As for Scopial? Hey, we've talked them up too! They get solid marks across the board, so one should be able to secure a ticket to this one in a million bluesfest with confidence. Hell, you can even pick up the tour shirt ;)

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