Monday, January 4, 2010


It's been way too long, guys. Hope you didn't miss me too badly, but I've had other things to take care of, like "relaxing," "seeing friends," and "being generally unreliable." While I love y'all and my duties as this here blog's headmaster, I enjoyed every second of it. Deal.

We do have a bunch of awesome to come this year, though. In the near future, we'll begin a series of "resolution" posts... 'tis the season, and we always think the big boys could use a little help. As for the "little guys," we're going to try and "resolve" to make a more concerted effort to cover the smaller sites. We're a big fan of what they do, but it's sometimes hard to find the real gems (especially being that I'm not really huge on "branding"... make me some wearable art, but I probably don't want your name on my chest). And of course, there are some secrets in the pipeline... there are a couple updates I'm excited to tell you about when they come through, and hey, isn't it about time for another contest?

Let's get immediate, though: we're out of the woods on the big holiday sale season, which means a lot of sites are getting back to printing new tees. For Threadless, of course, the end of sale time generally signals fewer prints per week (I've always loved how they're one of the few to embrace the idea that a sale works best and motivates most with new product), but they've made up for less product by offering the awesome Spaghetti Western, a former Contest Watch entry from Laser Bread. This looks pretty much amazing, from its simple, iconic graphic to it's subtle yet classic punchline, and not to mention colors to ensnare an Adder's heart at first sight. We're hoping this is a great sign of things to come for Threadless this year, because there are a whole bucketload of great tees to release, and we can't wait to see it happen. We will, of course, be sure to keep you updated as we go. We are all about the rare occasions when quality is rewarded.

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