Sunday, January 17, 2010

We Salute You

Today, I will be rocking out.

If I could, I'd have that as my slogan daily. Today up in the city, tomorrow at the small dive down the road. Local acts and national, friends and strangers, all playing music specially formulated for me to rock out to. If only there were time and money enough in the world.

And, were I living the rock and roll lifestyle 24/7 like that, Metal on Metal by aziritt would probably be the shirt with the quickest turnaround time from chest to laundry back to chest. Design By Humans just selected it Friday, which means I'd never have had time to get it for the show tonight, but in another place and time, it'll be the no-brainer selection. The tee's title is implicitly metal, and certainly the imagery backs it up with the skull right atop the breastbone and the smoke billowing out from where the guitarist's head should be, but it's not your glam metal, your over-the-top cheese, your ludicrous facepainted goth warrior metal... it's about rocking out and rocking out loud. It's Sabbath over Dragonforce, and Maiden over Emperor, but it's nothing so much as those unsung bands that I am not educated enough in the genre to even know... the no frills, no gimmick thrash and sludge. It'll have a special connection for those of the metal persuasion, but anyone with a passion for a great rock tune will be able to relate to this tee. And unlike the average concert tee, this one will be on a blank that feels amazing. No more scratchy $25 Anvils for you!

We love to see awesome things printing at DBH, especially former contest watch pieces, and since we know damn well how poorly being a rock god pays (music, like art, seems to be all about passionless formula these days), grab 10% off this, or any DBH purchase til the 29th, with code A8BK7M

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