Monday, February 9, 2009

14: The Update of Unlikability

Big things at Threadless this week. For starters, a massive girly tee sale... "Sweet Tees 4 Sweeties," the tag line reads, and the presumption here is that it's therefore a Valentine's Day sale. If you have a "sweetie," or if you ARE a "sweetie," this week is an excellent time to pick up shirts during your own special sale.

Now, us guys could be a bit miffed... I mean, how long is the idea that we get nada for Valentine's Day going to be perpetuated? Thankfully, what we get is a crapload of awesome tees... including former Contest Watch denizen "Not Safe For Work" by WanderingBert. As I said at the time, the humor and characterization are what set this apart from the generic Threadless "list" tee. I can't wait to wear my own Wheely Chair of Woe.

Also of note this week: the first round of monthly Bestees. It's an incredibly hard choice, as there are some definite favorites last month, but objectively, I had to toss my vote to Valorandvellum's Seven Swans, and that's where I'd recommend you place yours if you're undecided. Because it is awesome. And just as awesome, you simply HAVE to check out this week's collection at The Select Series... half push the boundaries, half are simply fun, and all four are unique, as the selects should be. Take a look... I'd be surprised if you were disappointed.


Anonymous said...

I just saw this! Thank you for the vote!! :-)

Adder said...

Hey, V&V!

No prob at all... just put in my order for it a couple days ago, and I'm stoked to see it live and in person