Sunday, February 15, 2009

Woot Double-Take Update

So in the long long ago, I insisted I would be updating y'all with the results of the shirt.woot do-over derby. I was pleased overall: here's what unfolded

While first place went to the expected bunk, second and third place were both solid prints. Second place winner methepainter brought us "Night Job," which is peaceful and artful and HOLY CRAP IS THAT DUDE STANDING ON A GIRAFFE??? I think that's the part I most enjoy here, is the idea that this guy, in order to paint the moon, had to find a massive giraffe to stand upon. A sea giraffe no less, it appears. It's the sort of bizarre that I love. And speaking of loving the bizarre, geekfactor12 snagged third with the utterly ridiculous "Dinosaurs Who Are Communist For Some Reason." The title alone should be enough to urge a purchase, but the subtle tones and offbeat humor are also prime reasons to snag one.

My personal pick of the litter during the ECs is artulo's "Thrifty Fill-Up," a piece I predicted would get printed in my preview and one I've loved since its original derby. The blithe look of maniacal glee on the bottle's face is priceless on this one, and while I may be alone on this, I think the red is quite nice against the creme. This is officially update 17 for loyal contest-watchers, so grab it while you can if you're collecting.

Also showing merit: fellow Editor's Choice picks like dirtdirt's "Gluttony: Thy Name is Pete," which has a pretty decent name too, all things considered, but the real charm is in the wholly unrealistic look of the fat cat, as well as the speech bubbles rattling off his list of snacks. It proves that cute can still be done in a unique way. And while Pete circumvents woot's "cute" cliché with personal charm, another cliché is averted in Drakxxx's "Battle Fungale." It revels in the popularity and nostalgia of video game shirts, but it brings a high level of artistic prowess into the mix... the scene looks like a classical sculpture, something one might see as the centerpiece of a fountain in Rome, or in the middle of a Florentine piazza. Elements from the game abound, and are worked in so they fit the scene, but more importantly to the wearer and the appreciator of art, there appears to be a lot of negative space showing through, which should assuage any worries regarding the size of the print.

All in all, enough good stuff came of the week that it almost makes up for what has been a rather disappointing year so far over at woot. We can only hope there is more in this vein ahead. As always, though, if there's something here that strikes your fancy, buy it now. The vast majority of these shirts could very well be gone as soon as next Monday, so don't hesitate too long on them. Woot shirts are a short-lived breed, and the good ones doubly so.

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