Tuesday, February 10, 2009

War of the Words

It was last November when shirt.woot's last Editor's Choice prints occurred. At the time, I had selected four pieces that I felt should print that week, as I did Thursday for the Editor's Choices going on there now. These were the shirts I felt had to print, whether I had talked them up before or not. Half have printed since then. Today, we see the third.

It is, in many ways, very appropriate to see EdgarRMcHerly's Fiction vs. Nonfiction finally available for purchase this week, while woot provides us a fourth installment of the Editor's choices that passed it up last time. Cameesa is the lucky purveyor... having been fully supported a while back, they are now ready to sell the piece to the world. At the time of its first mention, I'd given it only a cursory review, but it's definitely worth praising the shirt further now. The designer captured the peaceful fantasy fiction can provide, as well as the matter-of-fact seriousness of much non-fiction. The details and linework have as much character as the books' content, but my favorite part is the very subtle, possibly unintentional commentary. I see a war on imagination here, despite both factions being books. Perhaps the artist wants our minds to expand, instead of staying so serious. Perhaps we shouldn't let the very real worries of the non-fiction life overpower our ability to escape and create and utilize our mind. Whatever the case, I think this is a shirt that will make its wearers very happy when they get it in their mailbox. Now, to get that slacker Damiendone printed, and all four of that derby's picks will have found homes.

Since Cameesa is not really a "contest," I don't talk up my favorite contenders in my normal contest watch. While most contests ask for only a vote, Cameesa prints all shirts which get "fully supported." This means that you need to plunk down $20 to "vote," but it also means that if 24 other people are willing to do the same, the shirt is guaranteed to print, and you get a copy before anyone else. There's no risk... if you really want the $20 back and the shirt you want isn't printing, you can get it back. You can even vote on multiple shirts on the same $20... you'll get the first one that is fully supported, but the others will then lose your original support. I've got a couple shirts I particularly would like to see succeed, so while you're checking out Edgar's shirt, throwing a little love behind Coq Music, Color Bleeding, or Momento (by monsieur-pimpant, againstbound and kooky-love respectively) would make me a very happy shirt supporter.

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