Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When Words Fail Music Speaks

BadAsHell Clothing have gone for a double header... the small retailer is still very new in the shirt world, but they keep bringing something fresh to the table, and right now they have two excellent shirts available for presale. The first, we spoke of a bit ago. The most recent, however, makes me want to snag both ASAP.

The design is Taper Matter, by Muro. I have no clue what the hell that means, but I have a strong guess that it has to do with cassettes. Possibly being eaten. It has a great indie/punk feel to it, as it has the offbeat nostalgia of the former and the bad-ass aesthetic of the latter. The design creates a lot of motion out of inanimate objects and a disembodied mouth. Some of the cassettes are spelling the title out. Some seem to be running for their lives. A number of them are in a heap of obsolescence. I like the clutter and the different style of cassettes, and I love that the style fits the scene that the theme was born of. I can't wait to see this one off the mock-up and on a real shirt, and I'm very tempted to put the order in quick to find out in person.

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