Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dawn & Blue Heavens

Design By Humans decided to have a rather solid sale last weekend, out of the blue. At the time I found out about it, I figured it was a weekend-only deal, and decided it was probably too late to post it here, but all signs state it will continue on throughout the week. It's a pretty arbitrary time to have such a solid sale, which is why I expected a quickie, but I'm certainly not going to object to an extension.

How solid are we talking? Well, if you want any of their new DBH "perfect" tees, it's incredibly weak, as not a single one is on sale. It gives me the feeling that the sale is less about "the humans," and more about "getting rid of old stock so we can reprint on our new shirts." That don't confront me none, because every one of those "imperfect" tees is discounted heavily: Every other tee is $12 or $15. This is akin to 40% off here, and that means it's a great time to finally get some of their specialty tees, which but rarely drop below the $19 mark, especially if you've been holding off because you were uncertain about how some of their specialty print methods will pan out. Shirts like Sonmi's "Daydream" are a perfect choice... an evocative piece that blends the feelings of night and day, perfect for any dreamer, and with subtle embroidered stars to give it an extra kick. It's definitely a sale worth trying to budget in.


jimiyo said...

That Somni shirts if pretty nice, I own it. Only gripe is that some of the lines are so thin, that they almost get lost in the big ink patches. One of my favs at DBH.

jimiyo said...

Im sure you already noticed, but
hahah AdderXYU. Woot front page call out.