Saturday, October 17, 2009

Going Green

This week was a bit of a chaos-fest in Adderland, so we were not able to tell you all about the amazing Wise Old Master printing at Goodjoe. It was a hopeful Editor's Choice at woot a long time ago, but is just now finally printing. Oddly enough, while Drakxxx, the designer, is best known for his more horror-tinged work, this is easily one of my favorite pieces from him despite the huge topical departure. That also means that, while it's a much more spring/summer design, the mid-October printing is right on schedule for him.

The overall design is just an incredibly peaceful, happy setting. It doesn't hurt that the smiling tree reminds me of an old He-Man mini-comic I had in my youth, which gives a nostalgia along with the skilled linework and attractive green palette. I think it's also going to give Goodjoe a good workout as far as their print capabilities... I've been happy with my tees from there so far (even mine looks 100x crisper printed than I'd have thought), but they've had predominantly simpler pieces, and if they can pull off this sort of detail with ease, they're definitely ready for the big time. I think it's a risk worth taking, especially if you grab it before the weekend is over... the Goodjoe presale saves you quite a bit at $10, so take advantage of it!


Cody Wayne said...

Boot's "The Giver" printed REALLY well too.

Adder said...

I've only got mine and Fading Beauty (though Tea Leaves should be on its way to me sometime this week), but I have no doubt boots' looks killer. She's got some solid stuff up there.