Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Spot of Tree

Here in Adderworld, it's about time for the annual forevercold. A magical time when my already big head gets nice and congested until spring thaw. So yeah, it may be true that I'm not a huge fan of autumn. Still, there is something incredibly charming about the normal fall color scheme, and I think it's shown off well in JadenKale's Tea Leaves.

It's this week's new Goodjoe print, and it's on pre-sale for $10 until Monday. I really like the simple, chunky, bold style here, which gives it a feeling of a classic poster of some sort. The colors, as I said, work quite well, with the standard fall hues, but also the blue teapot standing out starkly against the brown. But I love the concept as well, with the warm comfort of tea mingling with the crispness of autumn, as represented by the tree itself. One of the true joys of the colder seasons is just how cozy warmth tends to feel after being out in the elements, and I think that that makes this a great homage to the season. Definitely worth picking up to sport for the season.


Jaden Kale said...

Great write-up on the shirt! I really appreciate it :)

Rebecca said...

Great design! Congrats on the print!