Saturday, October 17, 2009

Matching Towels

Since longtime readers, collaborators, and all around friends-of-the-blog JadenKale and MJ are both involved in tonight's offering from RIPT Apparel, I feel I'd be remiss to not mention that the former's first curation and the latter's second print will be appearing at the site this evening.
The tee is Rock Lobster, which I like for the simple bold colors and of course topic matter (longtime readers know I have a soft spot for crustaceans and palettes like this). This particular piece is especially charming to me for the unique style, simplicity, and the lobster's transparency, which adds an intriguing effect. Definitely worth checking out if you've got a soft spot for cheesy jokes or sea life.

Overall, I'd like to note that even in its infancy, this whole "curator" thing at RIPT seems to be boosting their overall quality immediately. I am all for this, and I look forward to getting acquainted with each curator's personal style and preferences. Jaden has personally been dropping some tantalizingly vague hints my way, but besides this, I think we'll finally see RIPT come into its own as quality increases. Or at least that's my hope. We could have one more depository for Star Wars rips and traced photos. But hope... it doth spring eternal, and the early days gives me much to hope for.

Don't forget, you can't stop the rock, but the lobster gets boiled at midnight Central tomorrow.

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