Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm a Little Glowing Friend

While we originally spoke of today's shirt as being up for voting at Teextile, it is up for sale tonight for $10 at RIPT apparel. The switch-up is fine by me; RIPT seems to need more exposure, and with Teextile on the cusp of switching blanks, neither site really has the quality advantage, so why not save a couple bucks? In general though, I definitely recommend checking RIPT regularly... no site can elevate themselves without a solid customer base, and the more people who tune in, and the more people who buy, the more solid artists will consider submitting solid pieces.

Anyway, today's solid piece is Tobias Fonseca's "Binary Song," which I love for the sheer oddity of it. I don't -truly- get it at all, but it's so striking, and the concept is so tied together, that it doesn't matter. All the links are there: the monitor displaying the singing bird, the hands "playing" the keyboard, the music coming out as zeroes and one-esque notes... there is a solid concept shown, even if it's not clear what it is, and I think that its solidity is what makes this so inherently wearable to me. It could mean something different to each wearer, and it's damn cool when that happens.

This'll be on sale for one night only (about 23.5 hours as of now), so you should definitely pick it up nownownow. These sites revert rights back to the artists after their sale period, but there's never a guarantee you'll find them anywhere again. And if you want more Tobias, hey, will you look at that, he was Friday's tee over at Teextile this week, with a haunting design that is one of the site's best in months. Both tees are lost to oblivion with the tolling of midnight Central tomorrow, so don't dawdle!

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