Monday, October 5, 2009

The Total Sum of Ancient Lizards Ascend to Our Lord

For this, the first week of our tenth month, heretofore known as October, let it be announced that Threadless, purveyor of cloth garments of the highest sort, shall be holding a vast discounting of their most classic wares. If thy tastes doth lean toward the vestments which have withstood the test of our times, perchance you will wish to purchase one for but $12. A mere pittance!

For those of you more enamored with the new ways, your eyes shall be pleased to direct to the bottom of Threadless' front page, where you shall be treated to wonders which you will truly marvel at. Namely, Sir Travis Gentry's tribute to the monstrous lizards of old, the Dino-Saurs. In All Dinosaurs Go To Heaven, this man of lines does magic two-fold. Firstly, he becomes the first woot-based designer to print not once, but twicely at Threadless. However, what could be even more the joyous occasion, this is verily the first fruit to come purely of that barren woot vine. It is a piece once up for print at woot's derby, and much as naught but weeds grows in its infertile soil, it is a matter of celebration to see such a seed of promise grow so tall in the fertile crescent of Threadless. It is proof that woot needn't be a place bereft of quality... to be sure, if you work to the standards of this gentleman, while you may not succeed at their fouled reservoir, your potential can blossom truly anywhere. For many, it may be more to their liking to carpetbag around where they can manipulate with their dastardly deeds, but, kind readers, we trust that you are wise enough to realize what is the higher calling. We congratulate Mr. Gentry for reaching that level.

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