Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trick or Trick

Oh what a week for Threadless... with no less than four awesome tees making their way immediately into my cart, it's easy enough to call this one of their best weeks ever. We may end up saying more about more of them later, but for now, let us focus on a former star of film, screen and contest watch.

Cruel Joke garners tenso his alumni shield, and a deserving win it is from a guy that seems to be chock full of puns and non sequitors. It's a totally Threadless joke tee... any good one should have a solid punchline and a style that doesn't distract from that joke. This one delivers with a little dark humor, with a simple but attractive style that has wide appeal. It would feel at home in a Far Side collection, with that crisp comic style and the personified slugs. To me, that means the nail has been hit on the head. If I had any critiques, it would be that the size is maybe a titch too big for the simplicity, but nevertheless, it's a soon-to-be classic from an account that I'd be shocked to not see often in Threadless' print schedule.

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