Saturday, June 5, 2010


As we speak, I am on a train. It is yesterday, and I am taking time to do all the awesome things I've meant to do for weeks now. Foremost among them, giving Mumford Clothing some love. Those of you who are more well-versed in the tee world probably know the name of Dan Mumford from the world of Emptees... he's one of those guys that people fall over themselves to praise. And in this case, they're right.

We've talked about Mr. Mumford in the past, with his Submit and Remix project, but today we're talking about his own personal line. Release #1 is called "The Heretic," which as a name is pretty much guaranteed to not be my style, but the thing about this guy's art is, it is your style anyway. The linework is stunning, and it hits all the right "hardcore" notes while still being totally wearable. There's lots of fire, fierce critters, demons, skulls, etc, but the artwork focuses on the lines, not the "rarr I'm so counterculture" vibe that many other takes on this style seem to prefer. I'm kinda in love with the fiery colors of parts VII and VIII of the series, but "I. Prologue" is really the perfect summation of the whole line. The blues and reds are moody, striking a dark beauty against the black. The bats are wild and ominous, the girl surrounded by them smooth and calm, her hair blowing. It's great artistry, and fills the shirt smartly: I'm a sucker for a big chest print, but the shape itself, and how the bats frame the flow of the image, makes it even better. It doesn't hurt, either, that this site has one important change from the last one: prices in US dollars. Serious art for a reasonable price is reason enough to check any site out, especially when the profits go to one guy who definitely deserves to make a living off his skill.

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