Saturday, June 26, 2010

Who was on my tee last night?

One of the things I love about Edgar McHerly is one of the things I love about certain bands. Yknow, the one everyone forgot about but you love? The one you stumbled over on the web and none of your friends know? The band you slip onto mix CDs all the time in hopes that everyone will love them, but never want to hear on the radio? That's Edgar. Always original, always unique, always changing things up, always evolving. His humor is absurd and striking. His art is challenging and often beautiful. And his newest piece is The Butthole Surfers. Fans of the band from which the design takes its name could probably see the relationship... the Surfers made a name for themselves by being themselves and pushing the limits of "normal" music. The tee itself is epic, trippy, imposing... the creature in the spotlight here is gigantic and otherworldly, glowing and casting beams from his hands to his eyes or vice-versa. It also appears to be in a sort of reverie, which is not less disconcerting, but adds a bit of power to the proceedings. And I really love the floating squares, coming across like static, or the fuzz behind our eyes after squeezing our eyes shut or looking into the sun. Because really, this sort of sweetness SHOULD pseudo-blind us.

This piece is only at Tilteed for the next two days or so... way to be late on your own curation, Adder!... so definitely grab one now and get on the ground floor with an artist I truly believe should be praised as one of the best under-known artists out there.

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