Friday, June 4, 2010

No One Can Hear I Scream

Contrary to popular belief, we at Tilteed are not exclusively selling frozen novelty tees this summer, though that would be kinda fun and refreshing. However, we cannot deny the charm of Chris Risse's new limited design "Ice Cream From Space." It's a matter of colors here: the Neapolitan ice cream colors pop, er, creamily off the black? Maybe that's a faulty adjective, but it's all pretty delicious. It doesn't hurt that the design captures the imagination (mmm, delicious imagination)... space is always fascinating, because we don't know what's out there, but once you get something to make that unimaginable world imaginable? That just makes you hunger for more. Astronaut Ice Cream was one of those experiences that made anything feel possible... it's so remote from what we're used to as kids, and it is tied to, let's be honest, one of the coolest jobs ever. That makes it real. And knowing that the unbelievable is real just serves to make it more fascinating.

As always, you've got a little under 72 hours to refresh your summer the space way.

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