Monday, June 8, 2009

Bull Shirt: Today Only

The new trend in tee sites seems to be the quick-n-dirty One Day Only site. TeeFury seems to be the pioneer here, but the basics are always the same: the site prints your shirt for a limited time, pays you based on what you sell, and then you get the rights back when the print run is done. It's the ultimate in impulse buying: often you literally have 24 hours before the shirt of your dreams is gone forever.

In case you need something else to get frantic over every midnight, I present to you RIPT Apparel. RIPT just started yesterday, so you really haven't missed much, but you definitely shouldn't miss this one: it's a rare print by Dave Perillo, known also as Montygog. The piece is A Bull by the Horns, and it is chock full of the fun, retro style the designer is known for. The bull is the obvious focus, being the "punch line," but there's plenty to see in the stripe of characters... each car almost has personality, and there are some fun sight-gags added in if you let yourself peruse. The throwback cartooning, however, is what you're really paying for with a Montygog piece, and he doesn't disappoint here... the colors, shapes, and humor all give a nostalgic feel, even for those of us who weren't born when the nostalgia was freshest. Personally, I can't help but remember the old Wacky Races cartoons just looking at it. How dastardly of the designer!

RIPT tees are only $10, and this one's only up until Midnight Central tomorrow, so if you're digging it, you hep cat, now is the time to grab it, and support a new site, a unique designer, and your wardrobe's right to some unique, individual tees.


jimiyo said...

it will be interesting to see how these all survive, because it has multiple layers of logistical challenges. its not apparent to those from the store front, but wow... incredible amount of work.

TJ Mapes said...

Thanks so much for the great post! Montygog is an amazing Illustrator and Designer and this shirt proves just that!

eHalcyon said...

Oh great, more temptation. Will these guys be up on TeeMagnet soon? I'm not using that site yet, but with all these different places to check, I think I'm going to have to.

Cool beans though, Ript ships internationally for, I think, less than $4. And I like that "full moon graveyard rumblings" hint of theirs in the FAQ.

TJ Mapes said...

why yes eHalcyon thanks for the comment. At least its affordable temptation. I have actually talked with and things look good for the future :) Hope you like the site!

Adder said...

Jimi, I'd say right now all bets are off for just about anywhere except PROBABLY you guys at teefury. It's early to tell, tho, and lord knows we could always use new places for great shirt art.

ehal, far be it from me to say for sure, but I'd say teemagnet will probably pick RIPT up soon enough.

And TJ, no prob... we like good shirts, and we're always especially happy to help out the new guys when they're printing them up.