Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Following hot on the heels of the sheer awesomeness of Sunday night, Teefury is releasing "Man vs. Music" this evening. It's by Leon Ryan, and it depicts two of the best things ever: ludicrous rock and tentacles. I'm pretty sure there are Japanese movies that do the same, but less eloquently.

Leon insists that the inspiration is simple: imagine the 80s. Remember all the guitars with ridiculous numbers of necks? How cool would it be if someone could play them all at once? Exactly. And thus, Octoman was born. However, his monstrous axe seems to be pretty unhappy about his arm endowment, and has decided to sprout scads of tentacles to fight back. To quote the artist, "Duh."

Personally, I like it as an Alien Symbiote thing. Clearly this is Venom in a rock band, as evidenced by all the flowing arms that seem to come more from his back than the guitar. No, I swear, I was never a comic nerd. But since the concept is going to be odd no matter what, let's consider art as well. I won't discuss the colours: you already know my opinion. Slightly less documented is my severe love for octo arms... I could endlessly watch those lines twist and turn around themselves (my favorite one, and yes, I do have one, is the clearly guitar-grown limb around the mic stand). As for the rocker himself? He's got just enough grit and flash to make sense in his surroundings, with a totally rock-n-roll pose (is he jumping? kneeling? who cares, it's total rawk). That's part of why I read the tentacles as expected and not attacking... he's so into the music, he may as well be a snake charmer to all those arms!

Teefury, as we all know, is a "You Snooze You Lose" venture. You've got about 24 hours to snatch this up before it's gone for the foreseeable future or longer. I personally recommend adopting the mantra "You Don't Snooze, You Win" on this one. It may be a bit weird now, but I bet you'll regret missing it some day down the road.

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