Monday, June 15, 2009

How Quickly Time Flies

I'd like to apologize, dear readers, for my extended absence this weekend. There are times when the real world gets in the way of blogging, and while I certainly missed you guys this week, some things are more important. That said, it feels like forever since I last chatted with you.

It is made to feel even longer considering that recent Contest Watch feature, Wotto's "Dark Side of Doodles," is up for sale at Teextile all week. It was quite a quick pick, so it serves to bolster the illusion of an even longer absence. It's also quite a worthy pick. It's distinctively Wotto, but also among his most fun and accessible tees... all the characters are charming and awesome, and the color scheme is classic and classy. I can't recommend enough that you pick one up. Today is the best day, as it's on sale for $12, but if you miss it, grab it at $15 any time for the rest of the week. Your chest will thank you for it.

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