Monday, June 8, 2009

Threadless Sale Continues!

For those of you not keeping track, Threadless' Summer Heatwave Sale is going on still, until 10am Wednesday. The experts here at Singularitee would suggest that it will probably go on until Monday, like Threadless sales normally do, but we would also suggest you wait at your own risk. If you lose out on some super awesome sale tees by playing Russian Roulette like that, it ain't our fault.

Much like last week, there are some epic prints rolled out for week two of the sale, including what I find to be easily the best of the bunch: Murphy's Law, by Alvarejo. Sure, there were some huge prints last week, and I'm definitely stoked about the six staff-and-alumni picks debuted throughout the week (dare we ask for six more this week?) but this one is the new shirt I want most. It might be hard to appreciate fully from the pic posted here, but this is absolutely epic artwork and coloring... the lines are flawless and the image all but shines. It's also brilliant conceptually... it takes the idea of Murphy's Law (that anything that can go wrong will) and carries it to the extreme. Your boat is sinking. That's bad enough without having a giant octopus dragging it down, or a sea monster rise up to destroy it, to say nothing of the griffin that has apparently decided to do battle with the two leviathans. The captain's loss is our gain, though, as the sheer imagination of the scene is captivating.

As with most new tees these days, this one isn't sale-priced, but it's certainly worth the full one if you can swing it. There can be no guarantee that shirts like this will last 'til the next sale, so I'd be sure to make haste. As for what IS on sale? I'd keep posted here: we'll be sure to keep you updated on Wednesday as to what changes.

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