Saturday, June 27, 2009

Make it Rain!

Throughout March, as you may recall, we at Singularitee ran a contest for a free t-shirt. Our winner was frequent commenter and contest-watch featured designer, theinfinityloop. Her choice? The amazing Peachbeach tee Timberland, a shirt I can't recommend enough, especially for this season of cookouts and fireworks. Now, she's giving a little something back, and we'd be remiss not to mention it.

Ms. Loop set a goal for herself of a print a month, or 12 prints throughout the year, and much as this blog held a contest for our 25th Contest Watch Update, she is holding herself a contest for her 12th print. Details are at her blog: check it out and get tweeting about her on Twitter for a chance to win!

It comes at an excellent time, as today I would like to discuss her Rain Dance, a rare shirt.woot design that is actually brilliant, artistic, and widely appealing. With leaves sprouting from the border of the design and a faded outline containing the scene, the design fills the shirt expertly. The concept is stunning as well: the raindrops falling form two dancers. The rendering is spot-on... the drips and splashes look natural, and the bodies of the pair are as watery as the drops that form them. There is a great sense of motion caught here... the two dancers are caught mid-dance, frozen in the passion of their art, while also showing off a fluidity that echoes to the lithe bodies of dancers. It's one of woot's most impressive offerings to date, and also teetering on the edge of reckoning. If you're interested, now is the time to strike a blow for great design, support a friend of the blog, and possibly even give someone the chance to win a tee for free. As with all woot shirts, we can't guarantee how long this one will last: it may be gone by Monday, so hesitation is not recommended.

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theinfinityloop said...

Thank you for mentioning the shirt and the blog contest! I'm hoping Rain Dance will stay available for at least a little while longer.