Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seventh Son of a Shredder Son

When I look for tees to review, I almost always seek out something I would buy and wear and love until it fell apart and I was sad. Something that represents my design sensibilities. I think that's what sets me apart at the end of the day. But sometimes something comes across my desk that I feel would benefit you, my readers. That is what today is all about; Jon Kruse, a skilled designer and emptees staple, came to me this week to discuss a write-up for his new brand, Shred. I'm always happy to discuss a review, and Jon made it easy to say yes with a discount code. From here on out, you can get 10% off your Shred order by using code "SINGULARITEE". Pretty awesome stuff, eh?

Yes, would be the answer. It is pretty awesome. Jon's work isn't really my normal cup of tea, but his skill is undeniable. His lines can make evisceration hold beauty, and his themes hammer home the site's name, straddling the line between horror slashing and heavy metal fretting. My personal fave of the tees, Iron Eddie, revels in that '80s era, paying homage to Maiden by way of Skeletor, which makes it appealing in both a "comic art" and "metal art" way. Contrary to what I learned early on from fashionistas, the yellows and blues absolutely go together here: they sear against the tee. And while I'm personally not big on "branded" tees, I have to note once again: I definitely appreciate how every piece in the collection evokes the brand name. Many brands seem to slap their name on nonchalantly; Kruse insists on having that brand make sense against the art he pairs with it. It is undeniable that all these tees shred. Slap it on a classic black tee, and you've got a product anyone with a past of living on the edge will eat up. If you're that sort, definitely check out what the man has to offer, and support the little guys.

Of course, I know I have many diverse readers come through, some of whom might be quite the opposite of this aesthetic. For you, I recommend checking out Jon's other little site, Mediocore Clothing, which trades metal revelry for a couple well-chosen pieces of a more nostalgic and often humorous bent. You can even snag 10% off there, as well, with code "AWESOME". These codes will be going in our coupon bank for your future use, but we all hope you'll check things out now, especially while Shred still has that new-site smell. Enjoy!

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