Sunday, July 5, 2009

All Over Week at Teextile

This week is "All Over Week" at Teextile, the first of what will be monthly "theme weeks" there. For the most part, it also seems to be "shadowy, live-traced, black and white week," as the diversity for me is really lacking. There's not a lot of personal style being evoked here. Which is why I was happy when I got the big picture on "Tall Trees," by Spacegirl. The textures break up the shadows and creates a lot of depth, which takes advantage of the full canvas, but the thing that really pulls me in is that fox/deer hybrid strolling across the tee. It's done in an almost calligraphic style, which makes me unable to stop looking at it. It's eye-catching, and the choice of shirt blank makes for a wonderful moodiness. If you want a new oversized print, this is the one to get this week... it'll be available all week at $15, but on Wednesday will be on sale for $12.


Adamsw216 said...

The Olechka fiasco has left me sore. I was foolishly surprised at how many people were willing to defend plagiarism. I was left with a rather bad taste in my mouth at TeeFury, and I have to say that Teextile's selections for the week are disappointing to say the least. With the exception of spacegirl's shirt, it's almost like a slap in the face. I haven't been around long, but my faith in the t-shirt communities is shaken. Why don't we all just start photoshopping photos together so we can make some cash?

EdwardBlake said...


All I have to say is "QQ some more."

Seriously, I think everybody got plenty of whining out of their system yesterday. Instead of whining some more, how about pushing for more strict and public guidelines on teefury and such?

Because that will be a heck more productive than walking around whining.

Adder said...

I believe that "whining" is basically saying "these places should have standards." The problem is that without complaining, no one will realize something needs to be done, but with complaining, idiots tend to consider it "whining" instead of the germination of a fight for more.

While I don't know how Olechka fits into my blog (I've never written about her, because her work has little merit), I do wholeheartedly believe that we as a shirt community need to fight for some sort of standards. Photos should be referenced before print to make sure there's no copyright issue. Creativity should be fostered. The mass of this week's teextile shirts look like someone else's photo, made shadow and slapped on a shirt. And it is a slap in the face both to real creative minds, who put time into their concepts and lines and creations in general, as well as to consumers who are basically told "you're so dumb you'll buy anything." And given how many consumers and even some artists react poorly to simple ethical issues, it's clear they're right. We are that dumb! As that goes, ones faith SHOULD be shaken. Most retail thinks the public are idiots who will buy anything from anyone, and the public does nothing to dissuade the outlets of this. So long as we buy 100 tigers or 20 darth vaders or this week's Transformer piece on Teefury, they will keep giving us more of the same. That seems to be their MO right now.

Simply put, no one "gets whining out of their system" when nothing changes. If it is a complaint we feel needs answering, we have every right to keep up the pressure and make it known. If we allow tshirt art to go from a budding art venue to one more permanently commercial pit of hackery, we do great damage to any fledgling art movement, and eventually to art itself.

That all said, would anyone like to, I dunno, comment on the shirt?

Christina said...

I bought this shirt! I loved it the moment I saw it, from the quirky animal to the great depth of the forest that the artist created with the varying opacity of the trees.

Also, glad to see you back to blogging.