Monday, July 27, 2009

Past Glories

We at Singularitee aren't particularly enthralled with this week's selections from Threadless (The Select curations especially are a special kind of let-down). It's always a bit sad, since we like to laud the new as soon as we find it. Thankfully, though, last week was a near goldmine that we were unable to explore due to other obligations, and one of the most valuable treasures Threadless dug up was The Composition, from the clinically under-printed NiNTH WHEEL. It's the sort of invention probably every musician wishes was real, a keyboard which works as a typewriter. As such it evokes just as much of an "if only" feeling as it does a smile or even a laugh. The illustration is skillful, and pretty true to what an old typewriter would look like, and the colors work brilliantly (even the ever-hated heather gray is a stellar choice), but the concept is really the heart. It's the sort of juxtaposition that makes Threadless more than just a t-shirt purveyor, but also an art gallery and an institution of creativity... it's a combination that goes great together but requires a creative mind to bring it about. May Threadless never forget what makes them more than just a clothing shop.

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thestray said...

I love this shirt so much, there's a certain charm to it. Can't wait til I have some extra cash to snatch it up.