Sunday, July 26, 2009

Early Morning Reminders!

This has been a hella busy week, and I feel like I only glossed over a couple things, so to review:
~The Design By Humans Anniversary Sale ends tonight. The $5 tees are getting slimmer, but it's still worth the browse, and you still get 10% off with code TJD4K0.
~Today's also the last day of Uneetee's Mystery Gift Certificate promo. $5 gets you at least a $6 GC, or up to $100, so it's always worth the gamble.
~Today is ALSO your last shot to pick up "I Want to Dance, Too" at Teextile. Don't miss it twice!
~Finally (I think), while neither entry is ending today, don't forget to vote for Contest Watch faves Steampunk Willie (shown) at Threadless or Sweet Child o' Mine at Tilteed!

That all said, I'll be seeing you later in the day for a (far less colorful) bonus post, I do believe. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

Christina said...

Also, I was about to buy the Mystery Gift Card from Uneetee but I got to checkout and they are charging almost 4 dollars for "shipping" even though it says they are emailing the card. So it's not actually a deal. You will most likely be losing $3 since I'm sure most of the cards are only $6. Hurrah for gambling!

Also, DBH sale was extended to the 31st. :)